Our ingredients offer a health boost to all sorts of applications, from premium juice blends to nutrition bars and ready-to-eat soups. Consumer data shows that functional benefits and unusual flavors are two of the greatest drivers of successful new formulations. CIFI’s ingredients can help you create the next exciting application as a healthy ingredient with many different flavor possibilities.

The market for applications containing sweet potatoes is robust but under-served—presenting opportunities for processors to have success with new products for consumers eager for healthy, delicious food. According to a study done by North Carolina State University, more than 80 percent of consumers surveyed would be interested in purchasing products with sweet potatoes as an ingredient, and over 95 percent see sweet potato as a healthy ingredient.

Whether you’re looking to offer a new product to fulfill these consumer desires, or simply to replace low-quality imported sweet potato juice concentrate with a better ingredient, our staff can help you formulate to bring the health and safety benefits of American sweet potatoes to your brand.

Create delicious and nutritious applications with CIFI sweet potato ingredients.

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