CIFI was founded to support farmers and build a safer, healthier, and more sustainable food supply. As we pursue our goal of benefitting both our grower partners and the food industry through healthy food ingredients, everything we do can be understood as an element of this three-part goal.

Enhanced food safety is central to what we do at CIFI. As a domestic supplier, we give American food processors a shorter—and thus more secure—supply chain. Our rigorous food safety program employs HACCP principles and SQF standards in order to meet or exceed our company’s specifications and our customers’ expectations. In addition, we employ continuous improvement methods such as root-cause analysis and risk assessment to evolve and enhance our existing quality and safety programs.
As consumers and the industry alike learn more about the importance of food for life-long health, there is a need for more foods that support more nutritional eating with a dense concentration of nutrients. Sweet potatoes provide that, offering fiber, a diverse collection of vitamins and minerals, and a low glycemic index. By making these benefits available in ingredients for food processors, we hope to make sweet potatoes a larger part of consumer diets, supporting greater health through nutrition.
One of the most pressing conversations among sustainability advocates today has to do with the enormous amount of food waste produced throughout the food system, waste that must be reduced in order to attain a more sustainable food culture—in particular through reducing underutilized ingredients. A core element of our business model has always been to employ these underutilized goods, and we continue that purpose today with our sweet potato ingredients. Furthermore, as the only supplier who guarantees wholly domestic industrial sweet potato ingredients, we can help our partners reduce their carbon footprints for a more sustainable operation.


At CIFI, we’re more than just an ingredient supplier—we’re a partner for your business. We offer industry services including R&D support to help you develop new applications using sweet potato ingredients. Our product development team can help you develop a delicious, successful application with the health benefits of sweet potatoes.

We offer a variety of other industry services to help you execute your business plan successfully, including custom blends, processing, and packaging. Our team of food industry veterans can help you solve your manufacturing problems so you get the most value out of your products. 

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