Formulators are looking for natural ingredients that maintain or improve the way their applications look and taste, which has opened the door for innovative ingredient solutions, such as sweet potato juice concentrate, to improve dairy product formulations.

Sweet potato juice concentrate has the benefit of being a naturally orange or amber color, which is the same color as many cheese spreads. Whether it’s a cheddar, pimento, or other variety of cheese spread, sweet potato juice concentrate is a nutritious replacement for up to 25 percent of the cheese in the formulation, creating an end product that is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol. It’s a versatile and viscous ingredient that complements—or enhances—the flavor and consistency of cheese spreads.

Additionally, clarified sweet potato juice concentrate adds natural sweetness and nutritive benefits to formulations, but doesn’t impact color. So, for color-sensitive dairy products such as certain fluid milk formulations, smoothies, and ice creams, it is an excellent ingredient for formulators to consider.