Sweet potato juice can deliver functional benefits including flavor, color, and a boost of nutrients to juices and other refreshments. In addition to the growing popularity of vegetable-based juices over traditional fruit-based juices, sweet potato juice offers a line extension option for premium juices, sports drinks, and other beverage brands.

Driven by nutrition educators and regulators as well as consumers themselves, sugar reduction has become the primary focus for improving public health, ranking over fat or calorie control. Consumers also show increasing desire to avoid excess sugar, with fructose—a type of sugar associated with high fructose corn syrup but also present in fruit juice—a particular concern. In order to maintain their health-focused position, it will be increasingly important for juice brands to reduce sugar in their products where possible.

Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients can help in these efforts with our sweet potato juice concentrates. Our proprietary testing has shown that Carolina Clear can effectively reduce sugar in juice applications, maintain desirable sensory qualities, and also provide minerals.