We provide healthy, domestic sweet potato ingredients, which evolve the nutritional value of many different applications. With agricultural expertise drawn from our grower and university partnerships, we enhance your brand with ingredients supporting functional label claims and timely manufacturing solutions. Our ingredients strengthen the integrity of food brands with better food safety and transparency in response to consumers’ lifestyle needs.

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Recent studies have found that a vast majority of consumers want to see more transparency from the food industry. CIFI simplifies your compliance by reducing your reliance on foreign suppliers, and gives you a compelling transparency story—every CIFI ingredient is traceable back to the farms of our grower partners in North Carolina.

As consumers increasingly seek to do business with companies that reflect their values, food processors find great value in developing supplier relationships with companies that can tell a story of food safety, sustainability, and social responsibility. As a domestic supplier, we can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and to make a domestically-sourced claim.

In addition, our 100% utilization of a frequently underutilized product provides a compelling sustainability story for your product. By purchasing sweet potatoes which are cosmetically unsuitable for sale as whole vegetables, we support our grower partners and reduce food waste for a more sustainable food supply.

Share the story of your applications with confidence when you use CIFI’s domestic, sustainable ingredients.

Sweet potatoes have long been a part of our diet, but they are growing in popularity due to a strong consumer desire for food that is dense in nutrients, free of GMOs and pesticides, and grown in a safe, sustainable manner. Ingredients made with North Carolina sweet potatoes fill all these needs, giving your applications a boost of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, while enhancing their all-around perception as a healthy food.

According to a study by North Carolina State University, over 95 percent of consumers perceive sweet potatoes as a healthy food, with significant majorities seeing them as a good source of fiber, beta carotene, and vitamins and minerals. Sweet potato ingredients can thus be expected to add a “health halo” to any product featuring them.

Consumers and regulators alike are exerting pressure on food companies to improve food safety practices. A number of high-profile recalls in recent years has cemented consumers’ preference for domestic products with a strong safety record—the kind of products CIFI supports with our domestically sourced, traceable products.

Our robust food safety program helps you strengthen your compliance program, and our domestic traceability supports your safety messaging to consumers. Our new plant is fully FDA and Kosher compliant, we follow HACCP and SQF standards, and our grower partners employ GAP principles to ensure that we supply you with safe, high-quality ingredients.

Our location on the mid-Atlantic seaboard lets us provide a convenient ingredient supply, enabling just-in-time inventory. With a variety of processing and packaging options to support your business, we offer a convenient, efficient supply of sweet potato ingredients for any American food processor.
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